Hi, flower! You read correctly, and «how to be a fairy» is probably the most common question you ask me on my instagram. We know there are lots of tutorials about «how to become a fairy», or «how to dress like a fairy».

But omg, honey! No, no, no. First things first: Being a fairy is not about how you dress or what you have, but what your soul is like.

I think fairies are just a kind of energy. But the most beautiful energy you could imagine! 

Where to find fairies?

We can find fairies dancing with the wind, lighting with the sun, flowing with the water, blooming with the flowers, and sparkling with the fire. Even we can find fairy energy inside of different bodies!

The fact is that we are not bodies, nothing is as it seems. We are souls with a body, and maybe you are a fairy soul within a human body.

How to know if you are a fairy?

Fairies have different personalities, but what all of them have in common is a fairy heart. If your heart is kind, generous, positive, playful,  animal lover, nature lover, life lover, treasures collector, soft, sometimes shy, sometimes not, but also, if your heart is the bravest when things seem horrible. Then, you’re a fairy!

There are more fairy characteristics, but I’m sure you’re a real fairy if your heart is something like that.


Love you,
Paula Galez


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