paulAgalez  ♡  2022 mediakit

Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m Paula Galez and Fashion Visual Poetry is my love language.
As a Photographer and Content Creator(*), I’ve spent the last years specializing in Fashion and Lifestyle Photography for social media platforms.

(*) Content Creator based in Spain.

My work

My work is completely dedicated to embracing the feminine strength, but what I love most about my work is the possibility of being in daily contact with thousands of women who connect with my girly tastes and romantic ideals.

My audience

All those women who accompany me every day have become 53k on Instagram and 11k on Tiktok and they keep growing nonstop! (*)

(*) All statistics shown in this media kit are 100% organic with zero paid effort.



Latest alliances

Knowing the tastes of my audience, for me, it’s very important to share with them brands with a feminine aesthetic and strong personality.

Silk Maison


Devil Inspired

Bella Barnet



New Bella

Sister Jane

Connect with me

Let’s get in touch!

For collaborations and other inquiries, kindly send an email to